Our Rebrand

Catfish Station has provided quality, fast-casual seafood to Houstonians since 2004. From a 14ft trailer to drive-thru only, then to brick and mortar, we have grown by serving made to order seafood, a unique homemade batter and our line of signature sauces. Building on our success we decided to franchise in 2017, quickly opening several locations throughout Houston. This strategy proved to be overwhelming, so our team took a step back to re-evaluate our direction.


To maintain the integrity of the original concept, we decided to re-brand the Huffmeister location as The Station Seafood Company. This change means that we have completely separated from franchised Catfish Station locations. By creating this separation, we can rebuild a brand based on the quality and service that made us a community favorite for over 10 years!




As we continue our transition, we would like to thank our loyal customers. Without you, this would not be possible. We are committed to continuing to serve you the best seafood in the greater Houston area. Below is a special, limited time offer for 50% off any order over $20. We want to show you that we appreciate your loyalty and business.

(Deal available at The Station Seafood Company at 9522 Huffmeister Rd. #500, Houston TX 77095. Order must be placed online.)

We would like to hear from you so feel free to reach out with any thoughts, requests, or compliments. If you enjoy social media, please connect with us.

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  • Pamela Jones Green says:

    Before COVID19 we travel to Houston once a month from Arkansas and the NOW “The Seafood Station” is one of our first stops. The food preparedness is everything. I wish you well in the New Endeavors and praying Continued Success as well as LONGEVITY in the years to come.

  • Ken Flook says:

    Great food; sauce is awesome.

  • Jimmy Eubanks says:

    Thank you, looking forward to this!

  • Jamie says:

    Food is absolutely delicious! I don’t live close by any location, but whenever I want seafood I have to get this place! The owner reached out to me from my Google review when I mentioned that I wasn’t a fan of the mac and cheese, but overall the food is delicious! The mac and cheese could use just a little more love and flavor, but I love the way your fish is seasoned and I love the way you guys do hush puppies! Mouth-watering just thinking about it!

  • Wishing you much success with the new direction! 😊

  • Jimmy Eubanks says:

    My wife and I always look forward to coming to Catfish Station knowing we were going to get our favorite meal. One that we both dearly love. Gumbo Red beans and rice is the best. I’m from Louisiana and raised on this kind of food. Keep up the good work. 🦐🦞🦐👍❤

  • Leo Radford says:

    I’m so grateful that you guys exist in the Cypress area. I would have to drive to the Acres Home or the Southside to get good home-cooked fish or fry it myself. I did not become a customer until about 5 years ago when a friend posted his food and Factbook. I’m like dude where did you buy that and it was a relationship made in Heaven. My family supports you.


    The Radford Family

  • Christal Allen says:

    Tre I’m late seeing ur response to my google review but thanks for directing me to this site. All the additional sites made it hard to determine which were of the best quality. I’ve since come to familiarize myself with the huffmeister location and enjoy their sky rolls! I’ve always rocked with catfish station and even utilized them for catering. Wishing u guys nothing but good fortune moving forward.

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